Where Authors and Publisher Work Together

If you've written a book and would like to pursue publishing it so readers can enjoy your hard work, but don't know where to start and want to keep control of what happens with the book while earning some of the highest percentages in the publishing world, we can help. 

I've finished my manuscript, what do I do now?
Once you are sure you have your characters, plot, and writing where you want them, it's time to explore what it is you want for you and your book. At one time, the only path was to spend years working with agents to market your work to a traditional publisher. The emergence of Print on Demand publishing changed that and gave authors new options and control. Today, the self-publishing option is what many authors choose. Self-publishing, though, isn't for everyone. 
If you want the benefits of self-publishing but not the hassle of dealing with ISBN numbers, store listings, and need access to professional and affordable editing, formatting, and cover designing, I invite you to examine this website and consider submitting your book to Star. 

Publishing Packages

Each package with Star includes copy edits, professional formats, and custom covers using photographs the author chooses or provides. Two upgrades at deeply discounted prices are also available. We also provide authors with ISBN numbers for their books, and take care of all the headache details such as listing with book stores. Our goal is to make publishing your precious work as painless and pleasant for you as possible while providing quality stories for readers to enjoy. We also stay in touch with our authors, you'll never be just a number or just a name. We consider any author who joins Star her friend and business partner.

$500 USD at Contract Signing

60% Net Royalties

We create the text and cover files needed for a professional ebook fully copyedited with a custom cover and list it with ebook stores.
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$800 USD at Contract Signing plus $14 annually

70% Net Royalties

We copyedit and create a professional interior format and a custom cover all geared toward the author's wishes, then handle all the work to get your book into print and bookstore systems.
Authors have the option to purchase their books to sell at appearances at just 20% above base print cost.
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$1000 USD at Contract Signing plus $14 annually

70% print and 60% ebook royalties

This includes all the services listed above and covers everything you need for a professionally produced print and ebook. It also includes the option to purchase print books to sell at appearances for just 20% over base cost.
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Package Upgrades

This includes a full edit with suggestions to make improvements or flesh out details or character traits and things like that. This service is a discount flat rate of $600.
This option includes working with T.C. to create original painted artwork for your cover. This service is a discount rate $300 - $800 depending on depth of the design.
Ready to Submit?
To submit your book to Star, follow these steps: 
  • Fill out the form below. It has three brief pages with all of the information we need.
  • On the last page of the form, attach three chapters in either a Word .doc, .docx or Pages document. 
  • Explore this site, our package plan options, and ask any questions you may have.
  • From there, we'll guide you every step along the way.