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About Us
One of the first questions most people ask is "what kind of publisher is Star?"  There is no easy answer. Star has traits of an independent publisher and self-publishing.

We are like an independent publisher:
We screen submissions and don't accept every manuscript.
We copy edit standard in our package plan (with full edit upgrade available).
We custom format geared toward the genre the book is. Nothing is standard.
We work one on one with each author and know them and their book or books by name. No one is just a number. 
We are not in business only to make money. We volunteer our time and talents and work at deep discounts. 

We are like a self-publisher:
We charge a package fee. This is only to cover the production costs of getting each book to print and keeping them there.
The author keeps control of the end product of their work, however we do steer them away from things that would lessen their book's quality.
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