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Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Do I retain all rights to my work?
      Yes. The only rights Star holds are those to place the print and ebook options on the market and those rights revert back to the author when the contract is dissolved. Authors can dissolve the contract for any reason and all rights revert back to them 30 days after notification from Star. 
    • Do you screen and take only those manuscripts you think worthy of publishing?
      Yes. We do not accept just any manuscript for publication. We look for strong characters, plots, and writing or valuable no-fiction information presented well. We do publish small niche books as long as the author understands the limits of their market. We don't take a project just to make money. 
    • Do you provide editing a custom cover designs in the package plan price?
      We do provide a standard copyedit where we screen for typos and punctuation mistakes. The cover provided in the plans is custom made using pictures and quick digital effects chosen to closely match what the author requested. There are deeply discounted upgrades for those who want a full edit on the manuscript or those who wish to have totally original artwork drawn and painted custom for their book. 

      This cover is a sample of what is covered in the publishing contract without the upgrade. This cover uses images provided by the author and combined into a professional design by T.C. McMullen


      This cover is a sample of covers done with the upgrade. It was drawn and digitally painted by T.C. McMullen. 

    • Does the author have input on the design and retail price of their book?
      Yes. We always consider the author's desires when producing their book. All we ask is for the author to recognize we have the experience to guide them away from making amateur decisions. We will always guide our authors to the options that best meet their desires while making sure it will not detract from their book. For the retail price, authors always have the option of choosing as long as it's above print cost and bookstore percentage.  
    • Does Star have a Returns policy?
      Star does offer the option for each author to choose whether or not they want to accept returns. Any returns Star receives are the responsibility of the author to reimburse the company the cost of the return plus shipping
    • Does Star provide ISBN number and barcode?
      Yes, both elements are taken care of by Star and placed where needed in the book. 
    • What books size and binding are available?
      The most popular book size and type chosen are the Trade Paperback in 5x8 or 5.5x8.5 or 6x9 sizes. We can do black and white interior, or cover, and also can do hardcover, though the print cost for hard cover is very high. We also have many other trim sizes available, so if there's a specific size you want, please just ask and we'll let you know.